Happy Friday everybody!! I want to share these verses today with you. They were the last 2 in my morning Bible reading. As I looked up the meaning of the passages, to see if my understanding is what the His Word really meant. (That can be very interesting to find correct meanings since there are so many variations of the word.) I came across the below commentary, and I really like the simplicity and how he explains these verses.

I would encourage you to read the whole chapter from Ecclesiastes 12 and then visit the below blog and read the whole commentary.

As commentator Phil Ryken says, “The final message of Ecclesiastes is not that nothing matters in the end but that everything matters in the end.” And the proof is here in these two verses. One day, you will stand before God and give an account. He will bring every deed into judgment. It’s only right that he will. He created you. He cares about what happens in your life, and what you do with your life, and he has the right to judge the outcome of your life. One day, very soon, you will report in to him to receive his judgment. Because that day is coming, every day matters for that day.

from: https://www.thingsofthesort.com/sermons-2/2020/7/27/ecclesiastes-1213-14-the-end-of-the-matter

I am not a Bible scholar, perfect student or writer: My purpose is to share God’s word, give Him ALL the glory and encourage you to strengthen your daily walk with Him.