Stay Little Just A Little Longer💕

As many of you know, we homeschool. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity! I worked a full time job during my daughter’s earlier years, I feel like I missed so much time with her.

God made a way!! He had a plan!! ❤️

We are in our second year of being together daily and homeschooling. Some days go very smooth and others not so much. Ha! She may think I am her “teacher”, but honestly, she is teaching me. I’m learning more about her. How her mind processes school subjects and her creative side. It’s wonderful!!

We truly learn together!!

Today we did a little valentines craft, with a paper roll, glue, construction paper. As we were searching for ideas on what craft we would do, it warmed my heart when she picked this one. For I know it won’t be long and these cute simple little crafts will no longer be exciting for her. She soon will grow out of the cuteness of it all.

Just like all children do, so quickly, she will leave this stage and move on to the next….

So today, I enjoyed this moment, of little paper and glue everywhere!! I soaked up the sweet smile on her face as she sees her creation become a cute little mouse. I listened to the sounds of her humming Jesus loves Me, and answered questions that pop into her mind as she is gluing. I will hang on to these memories for a lifetime and treasure them!!

Ohhh sweet daughter, Just stay little a little longer!! ❤️