A Name Upon The Wall

Written by my favorite veteran, my Daddy.

A Name Upon The Wall

We came back to our homeland,
With no fanfare, none at all.
Into a world that seemed the same,
But now…. there is a wall.

After many years they built it.
It is long, and cold, and black.
And carved into it’s darkness….
Are those who can’t come back.

For those of us who did come home
After Saigon took the fall,
We wondered if… The fight was worth
The names upon the wall.

We know we did our duty
But it took a dreadful toll
Upon our minds and bodies,
Upon our very soul.

It’s always been this way, I’m sure,
When the battles all are done.
And the only ones who understand
Are the fathers of the sons.

The fathers fought another war,
And they fought it standing tall.
And they prayed their sons would never be
A name upon the wall.

So, if you go and touch that wall
My name you will not see.
For in His Grace and Goodness,
God had other plans for me.

For He had mercy on this child,
While others He did call.
My name is in His “Book of Life”,
And it’s not….
The Wall.

Bob Meadows 1999
In honor of the veterans of Vietnam

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